Sunday, March 17, 2019

Java By Comparison: the book review

Recently I had a pleasure to read book "Java By Comparison" by Simon Harrer, Jörg Lenhard and Linus Deitz.
This book plays the role of a mentor that helps a Java beginner to pass the labyrinth of different solutions, coding styles, best practices, tools and libraries and to be ready to develop production ready software.
Java is not the first and not the last language I have learned. When I started coding Java I brought with me a lot of practices and habits I had acquired coding other languages. Fortunately, I had a couple of more experienced colleagues that helped me to become a Java programmer. This book can do the same. A reader who is familiar with the Java syntax and its main concepts but does not have enough professional development skills in Java can significantly improve these skills.
Experience is not always measured in years. It also depends on the working environment, colleagues, tasks. This book may be useful for experienced programmers as well. It refers to a lot of third party tools everyone should know. It leads the reader step-by-step from simple to tricky mistakes and traps and teaches how to avoid them. Several hours which are required to read the book will be compensated very soon by dozens of hours that will not be wasted on debugging.
I think that everyone will find a lot of new information here. I highly recommend this book for any developer who wants to improve the coding skills in Java or other languages.


  1. Hi Alex. My name is Carlos old rpg ile programmer and one year programming with java, I really appreciate your post. thanks again and best wishes

  2. That book sounds like a great resource for someone like me who is new to programming. I've dabbled in a few other programming languages but still feel a bit lost with Java, and this book seems like it will help me understand best practices and necessary tools better. I'm particularly interested in the section on avoiding common mistakes and pitfalls in Java programming. I'll definitely look for a copy to read and hope it will help me progress faster in my programming career!
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